a) Take a folate supplement

b) Avoid Soft cheese and deli meat

c) Avoid excessive weight gain

d) Nourish your body and baby adequately

When I ask women what nutrition advice they received from their doctor or midwife in pregnancy, way to often I hear, “not much really just to take a folate supplement” or “just to be careful with food safety and avoid deli meat and soft cheese”.

Occasionally I hear about an over focus on weight, when I have women come to my office crying because they felt shamed by comments about their weight gain….

But good nutrition is about so much more then these singular focuses. Nourishing and supporting mums to achieve the best physical and emotional wellbeing for their own selves, and for the optimal physical and cognitive development of their baby is so important in pregnancy. It can be complex to women and health professionals alike, as we have ever growing and changing research in this space (which is likely different from the pamphlet you where provided which may have been developed 10 years ago or more !) And it can seem confusing in a world where most easily accessible nutrition advice for women has come from diet fads and weight obsessions.

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