Warm Pumpkin Lentil and Fetta l (or grilled Holoumi ) salad.


3 cups baby spinach leaves

aprrox 3 cups diced pumpkin

1 onion

handful mixed nuts

olive oil




2 cans brown lentils

handful fresh coriander

handful of fresh mint

1 small block of fetta (or holoumi) (note: use grilled huloumi if pregnant as soft cheeses like fetta not suitable)

Arrange washed spinach leaves at the bottom on a large salad bowl. Cut up about 3 cups diced pumpkin, and one onion and put in a baking dish with a couple of handful of mixed nuts, good glug of olive oil and a drizzle of honey and a good shake of paprika and cumin. Bake in oven. In a seperate bowl add 2 cans lentils rinsed and drained, a handful of cut up coriander and mint leaves and some crumbled fetta. Once pumpkin mix is cooked, mix together and pour over spinach leaves.

I was going to do grilled huloumi rather then fetta which would make it suitable for pregnant ladies but I had a weird batch of huloumi which melted completely and lost shape when grilled (which it should not do). But you could give some grilled huloumi a go, if you are pregnant to make it suitable for you to eat. Yummm I am looking forward to dinner!!

see what happened to my holoumi – weird never had that happen before