By the end of the winter months in Southern Australian states – many people start to run low in vitamin D. Especially those with office jobs- does leaving home in the morning in the dark and arriving home in the afternoon In the dark sound like you? Well have a think about vitamin D – our skin makes it when exposed to the sun so get some rays whenever you can at this time of year (it feels like it has been grey and miserable so long in Albury I am not sure when that is), but be careful in summer you don’t want to get sunburn.

Also get some vitamin D food sources – margarine, fish and eggs are our main sources in Australia.

If you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy ask your GP if you are at risk of vitamin deficiency and if so get tested. If you are deficient you will need high dose supplements to boost you back up, and if you are just a little on the low side of normal consider a pregnancy multivitamin containing vitamin D to keep your levels in the normal range till the end of winter.

Vitamin D is essential for everyone for bone strength, immune function and muscle strength.

In pregnant women it is especially important for growing Baby, sadly deficiency in pregnancy is associated with brittle bones in baby, infant seizures, preterm births and low birth weights.

So try and get a little sunshine (without getting sunburn) or get some Vit D supplements!

Catching some vitamin D @depotbeach near @batemansbay this weekend, it was definitely a great weekend to escape the winter chills in Albury.