Amazing new research out of Australia,  shows Vitamin B3, also called niacin or nicotinamide in pregnancy may prevent many birth defects, at least in mice, but this is important because often the first stage of breakthrough research is in animal models. More studies in humans will be sure to follow.

In humans we get our Vitamin B3 from beef, pork, eggs, legumes, peanuts, milk, wholegrain and Vegemite. The current RDI for niacin in pregnancy is 18mg per day. Niacin is also already present in many pregnancy multivitamins.

This research really supports the importance of nourishing your body well if you are planning or are pregnant.

Eating a balanced intake of foods across the food groups and taking supplements as your care provider prescribes for your individual needs is essential for good pregnancy nutrition.

Check out a link to a report about the research here

Other key nutrients for pregnancy include folate, iodine, iron, vitamin D among others.

We love this vital new research work.