A Mediterranean inspired diet modified to ensure adequate nutrient intake for pregnancy, is an awesome choice for fertility and pregnancy for a wide range of positive outcomes.

We have previously written a blog of the benefits of a Mediterranean diet for fertility and pregnancy- here. But today I want to focus on how to shop with the Mediterranean diet in mind.

Firstly you want to include loads of fruits and veggies – think a rainbow of colours and include plenty of the green leafy kind, as well as some herbs, to add some flavour and interest to meals.

Add in some pasta and whole grains, these are not in my pic as I tend to bulk buy things like pasta, oats, barley, whole grain flour for baking my own bread , and dried legumes and store in my pantry for regular use.

Stock up on plant proteins by throwing in some canned lentils and legumes – add these to soups, salads or casseroles you make over the week; and some nuts and seeds to have as a snack or sprinkled on top of your meals.

Make sure you get 2-3 low mercury fish options to have over the week, and add enough for 1-2 serves lean red meat over the week (definitely at least 2 in in 2nd or 3rd trimesters, or even three if you have been told you are iron deficient) and some chicken for the other nights.

Add in some yoghurt, cheese and milk.

Most of all have fun cooking. I should note, you do not have to cook only greek, italian meals, it is more about including these key ingredients in your cooking. So if you want to include dishes from all over the world, thats are based on lots of vegetables and these Mediterranean ingredients then that is perfectly ok and very beneficial.

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