Nutritionally a twin or higher order multiple pregnancy places a lot of extra demands on the body. As a dietitian working in this space we help you optimise your diet to maximise the chance of better pregnancy outcomes for you and your babies, by considering the following factors:
– higher need for calories, protein, iron and other vitamins and minerals depending on the number of babies you are growing. We will help you optimise your diet to meet these needs
– babies growth (you will have more scans in a multiple pregnancy to monitor how this goes) and we can make some tweaks with your pregnancy diet depending how this is progressing.
– we often have to help you navigate more severe pregnancy symptoms, and help you nourish your self and babies despite these issues
– we will be looking at you weight gain more closely, as unlike single pregnancy the research shows early weight gain is a positive, and we have different targets to try to achieve.
– We will look at any other medical issues and advise you on any relevant diet intervention. For example gestational diabetes is more common in twin pregnancies, so sometimes we need to support women through that.

Find out about how to nourish your body and babies through a multiple pregnancy by reading our book Growing Baby Bean a Complete Guide to Pregnancy Nutrition and book an appointment today here