Pregnancy Nutrition Book – Growing Baby Bean, A Complete Guide to Pregnancy Nutrition


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We are pleased to announce our latest pregnancy nutrition book ‘Growing Baby Bean’ a complete guide on pregnancy nutrition. This beautifully crafted book has the answers to all your food and nutrition questions through the pregnancy period. It comes with plenty of recipes and lots of practical meal ideas. It is designed for women who want to give the best nutrition to their growing baby to optimise their health outcomes and give them the best start to life.
There is an explosion of research on the effects and benefits of mother nutrition on her baby in utero. We have carefully researched all the latest research and medical guidelines on this topic and made sense of it all for you. You will be soon be putting this nutrition advice into practice in your own kitchen with our delicious, yet simple recipes.
Chapters include:
> Pre-conception nutrition
> Special Nutrients and Supplementation
> Food Groups for Pregnancy
> What to Avoid in Pregnancy
> Fish in Pregnancy
> Dealing with Pregnancy Symptoms
> Weight Management and Body Image
> Probiotics & Gut Health
> Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
> Nutrition for Multiples
> Nutrition after the Arrival
> Meal Planning Ideas and Tips
And there are over 60 beautifully photographed but easy to make recipes suitable for your pregnancy.

Sample Pages

About the Authors

Leah Vandervliet
Author; Maternal & Paediatric Dietitian

BHlthSc(Nutrition & Dietetics) (Hons), Accredited Practising Dietitian, Accredited Nutritionist

Leah is a leading Paediatric and Maternal Health Dietitian in Sydney’s South and Eastern Suburbs. Leah is a busy working mum, with two adorable boys, aged 1 and 3 years.  As well as her work with Pregnancy and Paediatric Collective, she is a Senior Dietitian at a major children’s hospital, where she works with infants and children with a range of nutritional issues. Leah also runs a Private Clinic through rooms at Sydney Paediatrics in Hurstville. She has a special interest in mothers health, childhood diabetes, metabolic disorders, fussy eating, nutritional deficiencies, and childhood growth concerns. Leah is also involved in training the next generation of dietitians through student supervision, lecturing and mentoring new graduate dietitians.
Dr Anita Star
Author; Maternal & Paediatric Dietitian

PhD, BHlthSc (Nutrition & Dietetics), Accredited Practising Dietitian, Accredited Nutritionist

Anita is a leading Paediatric and Women’s Health Nutritionist and Dietitian. In the past, Anita has worked extensively in the health services advising patients including past work as a Senior Dietitian at The Sydney Children’s Hospital, and a range of other hospital and community health environments.  She has also the university sector as a Senior Lecturer and a Senior Research Officer teaching nutrition and conducting research. Anita now works exclusively in private practice. Anita has developed expertise in childhood growth, food allergy, fussy eating, pregnancy nutrition, child and adult weight management, mental health and eating disorders. Anita completed her PhD research in understanding women’s eating behaviours, body image, body weight, and the impact on mental health. Anita has numerous publications in the academic health literature.
Outside of work Anita lives with her family in the beautiful town of Albury. She is a busy working mum to a very active 4 year old girl and a dedicated Christian. She loves cooking – check out the recipe ideas in the recipe section, bush-walking, swimming and hanging out with her family.

People Growing Baby Bean

  • “Thanks again for sending us a copy of Growing baby Bean … Our dietitians have reviewed and recommended it be added to our library collection”
    Julie – Consumer Health Information Coordinator, The Royal Women’s Hospital
  • “I have just received your incredible pregnancy nutrition book. I am already loving reading through it and getting great ideas. Thanks”
    Nat – Pregnant, business women
  • “I bought the book online and sent it to my best friend. She is totally swooning over it, completely loves it to bits!”
    Kate (excited best friend)
  • “I have received your wonderful book and I have been getting so much out of it!  Its full of gold, well backed information and the recipes are delicious too”.
    Anna ( First Pregnancy)
  • A terrifically practical manual for nourishing yourself and your baby. Written in an easy to read format like listening to advice from a friend, a very well informed, kind and expertly practical friend! Covers everything you could possibly want to know as an expectant Mum including recipe ideas, meal planning and how to implement the finer details of healthy living during pregnancy”. 
    Erikka Hennessy- Accredited Practising Dietitian
  • Thanks for this fantastic book for pregnancy, I love how it provided all the latest research, answered all my nutrition questions during this time, and provided healthy recipes and quick and handy tips”.  
    Julia (mother of two)
  • “Increasingly we are aware that what we eat and drink do affect not only our women’s health but that of the babies they carry through pregnancy.  The importance of good nutrition begins preconception , as soon as women start to try to conceive. Then at the various stages of pregnancy there are adaptations to diet that are useful. In this excellent book the authors comprehensively cover all these aspects of nutrition. The text reflects their extensive experience and knowledge” 
    Prof Michael Chapman- Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, School of Women’s & Children’s Health, UNSW