Pre- Packaged baby meals, super convenient, but not so nourishing. I was in the supermarket today and decided to update myself on some of the baby foods currently available- they are always changing. The baby cereals can be a good choice for babies first foods when you want or need to start with a smooth purée (for various reasons not all babies / mums can or should do baby led weaning), and they have the added iron which can be a good boost for bubs. But then I looked at these ‘meal’ options, it is amazing how they have changed since my own little one was a bub- they used to all, (including the savoury options) have pear purée or concentrate, but I think someone got sued for this practice and calling it sugar free – and thankfully it seems to have stopped- They power of the law!!! But they still have hardly any meat/ chicken/ fish, usually only 5- 10%, and often lots of water. Which means they are a bit light on in the nutrients you would expect from what appears in front of pack as a meat based meal (it would be good to see it up around the 20-30% mark, with the rest veggies and cereal. They are also very smooth and watery with very little lumps even the ones marketed for older babies, which is not good for helping them learn to chew etc. so I think it is good to have a few handy in case of emergency – e.g. no other food suitable and you can not get to the shops, but they should not be a regular feature in babies diet. Want to learn more about what you should be feeding baby- I have a free video series ‘nutrition in the first year of life’ on my website