I am not sure that the processed custard and baby custards in the supermarket should actually be called custard! At least not as a home cook knows it. The are usually skim milk (though as low fat is out of fashion actually often say nothing about this on front of pack any more), colouring, thickeners and loads of sugar.

Yet real custard containing eggs and milk are very nourishing foods for mummas & kids alike. Including young bubba’s between 6 to 12 months. But if your baby is at high risk of allergy, due to family history of allergy or presence of eczema, you might want to check out video on introducing solids in kids at high risk on food allergy, from our ‘Nutrition in the first year of life’ video series in the video section of our website.

Mastering a home made egg custard is actually really easy. Here is a very simple recipe to get you started.