#lunchspiration for school lunch boxes and adults at home alike!

1. KISS Keep it simple stupid – nothing wrong with a sandwich or roll and you can’t go past a salad and roast beef roll- this one from the #tumbarumbabakery but obviously an easy one to prepare at home maybe with a whole grain roll instead. Add in a fruit and some veggie sticks and your good to go.

2. #lunchbox with chicken salad (leftover roast chicken drumsticks diced with baby tomatoes, grated carrot and cheese, and a mandarin and vita wheats with hummus 3

3. Multiple lunch containers with baked beans in one, yoghurt and frozen blueberries in another, some baby tomatoes in another and some cruskits with cheese.

4. The I’m out of bread – long daycare lunchbox. Baked beans, hummus, whole grain vita-wheat crackers, cut up carrot sticks and orange.

I will have to remember to take some more pics of lunch boxes to show you some more ideas. As you can see I keep it pretty basic and not too fancy. Plus you can have a read of my 8 steps to a healthy lunch box blog to give you some more written ideas here.