Loaded salads – with the weather warming up out come the family salads. I love an all in meal salad containing a protein- grilled chicken or leftover roast meat or a can of fish or some grilled fillet on top or some beans or lentils, or / and some nuts and seeds (I love adding these regardless because of great crunchy texture), then some carb- some noodles or pasta or brown rice or roast sweet potato works well, then all your salads the more the merrier – this one has spinach, cos lettuce, red cabbage, grated carrot, cucumber, capsicum, edamame beans, red onion, and bean sprouts, and avocado (pregnant ladies leave out the bean sprouts because they have been associated with listeria which is a food bacteria that can be particularly nasty in pregnancy). Then add a dressing. Now there are all sorts of dressing but for this one I mixed some pesto with olive oil and balsamic and poured all over. Give a good toss and you have a great meal for the whole family. Remember to keep as crispy as possible – add the dressing just prior to eating. Enjoy 😊