Kids love helping out in the kitchen. My little one was about to turn four in this pic. The sushi station was great fun, she got to pick her own fillings and put together how she liked, with a bit of help to roll. These photo’s where at the start it got pretty messy after that lol. Not only is it great fun, but getting kids involved in the kitchen helps them to have lots of food experiences that make them more likely to taste new ingredients and decrease fussy eating. I can see this would be a fun activity for teenagers with a few friends over for the afternoon as well!

Our fillings

steamed rice- I used part white part black rice, stir a dash of sushi vinegar through after cooking and allow to cool in the fridge.

shredded red cabbage,

carrot sticks,

cucumber sticks,

celery sticks,


crab meat,

smoked salmon,

egg omelette- eggs beaten with a dash of water and fried in a non stick pan then cut up into pieces.

Plus obviously you will need the sushi seaweed wraps.


To make you simply lay out a sushi seaweed sheet, add A thin layer of rice to 3/4 of sheet. and then add a row of a 2-3 fillings, and then roll up, glue down the sushi sheet to the other side with a little water. You can use one of those little sushi rolling mats to help you do it evenly, but it is honestly not necessary. If you have not done this before a youtube video might give you some confidence, once you see how easy it is.

Sorry pregnant ladies this one is not for you (smoked and precooked seafood is definitely out in pregnancy) but once your little one is a toddler so long as your not pregnant again, you can go for gold 🙂

What’s your favourite way to get you get your kids involved in the kitchen?