We went a children’s Christmas party with my 2 year old the other day. It was such a wonderful warm, fun filled evening for all the kids and families involved. It was a great night.

But we were asked to bring a plate to share – it was dinner time. I don’t mind the odd celebratory treat, but it seemed like 90% of the share plates were chocolates, cakes and lollies!!!! There were some great fruit platters, cold meats, and sliced veggies and bread for veggie dips. So thank-fully we had a couple of other options for dinner. But it might have been nice to see a little more balance on the table.

I think part of it, is that families just get stuck on ideas for these situation. So I thought I would share some great children’s recipe websites to help out with Children’s party Foods.

  1. Healthy Kids-Eat well be active

This nsw govt website has great recipes and ideas for kids healthy eating


  1. Healthy party food for kids- from Jamie Oliver website


  1. Kids in the Kitchen Recipe Collection in Smart eating from the Dietitians Association of Australia


  1. Healthy Party food- from Kidspot


  1. Lunch Box ideas  from Woolworths- Fresh Food Kids website

    I know not specifically party food, but you could easily do some of these ideas for a party


  1. Fresh for kids- Sydney Markets


This website is currently been updated. It previously had great healthy recipe and lunchbox ideas for kids and families. Lets hope the updated version is just as good when it comes out!