Fruit, natural yoghurt and oats
Porridge oats with chia and apple (simply add 2 teaspoons chia seeds and a diced apple before cooking your oats)
weetbix milk and mandarin
add some nuts, seeds and fruit to your porridge or weetbix. I love oats and weetbix, no need for it to be boring
baked beans on toast and a glass of milk
vegemite on toast and some fruit and yoghurt
sardines on toast, not everyone fav, but these little fish are so nourishing
healthy cooked breakfast- give up the bacon and sausage and hollandaise sauce , and replace with avocado, sautéd spinach and mushroom, grilled tomato and a couple of fresh strawberries
My then 4 year old demanded this one day peanut butter and blueberries! Was surprisingly good