Have you tried all the new non wheat lentil and legume pastas on the market? I tried this pea pasta over the week. I loved that it tasted really good – my little one and partner ate it up without even realising it was a variation of the normal pasta.

Nutritionally was much higher in fibre, higher in protein and a little lower in carb then regular pasta and has a wide range of vitamins and minerals, I think this combo made it super filling and nutritious much more so then regular pasta. I found the required serve size to fill you up was much less then the box suggested – I think I made into 4 adult serves and one child serve – when the box indicated I would only get 2 serves per box, and as you see in the pic I was not skimping.

We know some extra #plantprotein is great for fertility and pregnancy; and the extra fibre is great for everyones #guthealth of course been wheat and gluten free it is also great for those with #coeliac disease and #wheatallergy

The one down fall was it does not freeze and reheat well, so whilst regular pasta meals are usually a perfect meal to freeze and reheat on a culinary ‘rainy’ day, I am afraid in this case it just turned to mush the second time around.

So in sum – I think this is a good option for the whole family but if you want to make some meals in bulk – only do the sauce / veggie and in this case chicken portion, and make up legume pasta just before serving.

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