Free Video Series, Nutrition in the first year of Life, Week 1 the first 6 months


Free 5 week Series on Nutrition in the First Year of life!
Week 1- this week we are talking about feeding the new born up to around 6 months of age.

In case you want to skip to the part you are most interested in here is a breakdown

0-1.5 minutes- intro to my dietetics practice and 5 week series

1.5- 2.55 minutes unsafe alternates to breastfeeding and formula

2.55- 4.17 minutes post natal depression and breastfeeding/ formula, there are safe, healthy alternates to breastfeeding (even though breastfeeding is great), so don’t let it contribute to postnatal depression


4.17- 7.40  minutes breastfeeding benefits

7.40- 16.30 breastfeeding challenges and getting help to overcome difficulties. Including my breastfeeding story.

16.30 – 23.40 if you need to formula feed- what are important factors when choosing formula and in how to go about formula feeding to reduce any issues that maybe associated with formula feeding

23.40- 25 minutes when might you see a paediatric dietitian in babies first 6 months. Plus conclusion.

Hope you enjoyed!

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