My little one helping cook dinner with Sid the Sloth the stuffed animal from pre school. The kids are each taking a turn to bring him home and document his adventures. Very cute. Tonight an easy one with a veggie egg pie.


1 Large onion

1/2 large sweet potato

2 large tomatoes

2 large zucchini’s

1 cup slice mushrooms

1 cup grated cheese

8 eggs

1 cup wholemeal flour

olive oil


Dice onion, sweet potato. Roast diced onion and sweet potato in oven with a little olive oil. Grate 2 large zucchini’s, dice 2 large tomatoes and about 1 cup of mushrooms and 1 cup of cheese. Beat eggs, Mix all ingredients and 1 cup of wholemeal flour. Bake in oven until golden brown. Makes 1 very large or two smaller pies. Yummmmm.