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Vit C aids iron absorption
February 19, 2019

Dr Anita Star Pregnancy and Paediatric Dietitian discusses how vit C impacts on iron absorption and where to find food sources of both.

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Is bread bad for fertility or pregnancy?
February 18, 2019

Is bread bad for fertility or pregnancy? Dr Star fertility and pregnancy nutrition expert breaks some myths about bread.

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Pregnancy & Dieting Culture A Toxic Mix
November 26, 2018

Blog by Dr Anita Star & Leah Vandervliet Authors of Growing Baby Bean: A Complete Guide to Pregnancy Nutrition Have you…

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Red Meat in Pregnancy
May 19, 2018

So I have posted quite a bit about plant proteins lately, but what about red meat?
Dr Anita Star discusses the benefits of red meat in pregnancy

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Give your low sugar cereal a nutrient boost with fruit, and nuts or seeds.
February 18, 2018

Pregnancy and fertility breakfast tip- Give your low sugar cereal e.g. weetbix or porridge, a protein and nutrient boost with milk,…

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#TTC and exercise: Too little v.s. too much
December 30, 2017

Setting a New Year’s resolutions about getting your body fit, doing lots of exercise and becoming healthy in order to maximise…

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Infertility and pregnancy loss
September 5, 2017

So as a pregnancy and paediatric dietitian is not all cooing and smiling and congratulating. Sometimes there is the really hard…

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Vitamin B3 in Pregnancy
August 16, 2017

Amazing new research out of Australia,  shows Vitamin B3, also called niacin or nicotinamide in pregnancy may prevent many birth defects,…

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