By Dr Anita Star

Most women we talk to do not understand the huge impact good pregnancy nutrition can have on their babies health. Many seem to miss this information. Or they might just have some vague idea that food safety is pretty important.

BUT the right nourishment in Pregnancy can:

🍒Reduce your child͛s risk of getting some common childhood illnesses such as allergy, eczema, and asthma

🍊Optimise your babies growth in the womb so they are not large for gestational age or small for gestational age (so really big or really small babies) which is associated with a range of medical risks during your birth

🥦Increase cognitive performance and decrease the risk of behavioural difficulties in your child

🍆Decrease the likelihood of preterm birth

🍅Decrease risk of childhood obesity and associated lifestyle diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease later in life

🥙And for mums it can reduce the risk of gestational diabetes and thereby also reduce mum͛s type 2 diabetes risk

🥑And it has a role in mental health by decreasing the risk of mum͛s susceptibility to perinatal depression.

It’s time to get this word out!!! Knowing how to eat well during pregnancy is essential for you an your babies wellbeing.

We have just released a book on pregnancy nutrition called ‘Growing Baby Bean A Complete Guide to pregnancy nutrition’. This beautiful hardcover book answers all your pregnancy food and nutrition questions, comes with 60 beautifully photographed recipes, is packed with meal ideas, and is based on analysis and integration of the latest science. Written by a PhD trained Nutrition Scientist and Clinical Dietitian’s Dr Anita Star and Leah Vandervliet.

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