Stew Season started. My favourite appliance is out ( pressure cooker) and I made a big batch up of this beef and veggie stew.

No real recipe I had a tray of chuck steak cut into small cubes, then chopped veggies- leeks, zucchini’s, carrot, pumpkin, capsicums, purple skinned potatoes, a scoop of Italian soup mix (legumes) and a scoop of lentil and barley soup mix, couple of cans of crushed tomatoes, a little water, and flavoured with some Dahl dried seasoning I had purchased (clearly not Dahl).

Pressure cook for 50min. So yum. And Full of antioxidants, fibre, vitamins and minerals, great for everyone in family. I especially love that it will freeze well for another night when I have less time during the week.