A precious life

So my fans may have noticed I am a little quiet on the blog and Instagram front over the last couple of months. Don’t worry I have not lost my passion for nutrition and sharing with you all about fertility, pregnancy, infant, toddler, kid and adolescent nutrition. But I write the blog and do the food photos in my down time, and there have been a few hard distractions lately.

Firstly my partner and I have been TTC for about 6 months. Well that’s how long I have had a regular cycle after finishing breastfeeding my older child. Anyway a couple of months ago I had my own early miscarriage. It was so hard and sad. Even though my education in biology and cells and chemistry and genetics etc can rationalise that at that this early stage it was a just a bunch of cells, it was actually so much more. Miscarriage is so common, one in four pregnancies. Yet I don’t think it is widely talked about, and I think it’s a discussion that we should have more as a society. Also you know the conventional wisdom of not telling anyone your pregnant till after 12 weeks, well that really it BS if you ask me. Makes for a terribly lonely grieving process and some very awkward conversations with some close friends. I would now say tell a few close friends and family, who have the understanding that it is early, and one in four pregnancies do not get past this early stage, so don’t get too excited and tell the world, but please be part of this special journey with me. Anyhow after a period of grieving, and planting a memorial tree, things are better, and we are eating well and exercising regularly but not too hard, and taking my pregnancy supplement and hoping for that rainbow baby soon :). You can read more about miscarriage and improving your fertility more generally here https://www.drstar.com.au/infertility-and-pregnancy-loss/

Another event has also bought home to me the preciousness and fragility of life. Unfortunately my brother is up in Sydney with his wife fighting a recently diagnosed serious condition. Anyone who knows my big brother, would know he has always been a cocky, confident, tough, down to earth farmer, who has always been full of life, and worked hard support his kids and community. Pretty much invincible. So this has come as quite a shock for him and all who know him. But I am sure he will put in a good fight and pull through all of this.

Of course in a large family like my extended family; there are a lot of helpers and I did a small bit by helping look after my brother’s four kids for a week during school holidays. Well I now have a new appreciation for the mums and dads of big families! Wow hats off to anyone with more than two kids! The kids were an absolute delight and my 2 year old loved having all the cousins to play with- she is no asking for them about every hour.  But wow, you have to be super organised, are on the go all the time, and you need to bulk buy huge amounts of healthy foods. I am talking half a water melon going in one morning tea, and two huge boxes of veggies and fruits running out before the end of the week.  I also got to practice my healthy bulk cooking efforts. Normally for me, these create fantastic stored freezer leftovers to be eaten on a hectic day when the desire for cooking up a storm leaves me. But with all the kids these were consumed in one hit, think veggie and meat lasagna, huge chicken and veggie satay curry, huge stir-fry, tuna mornay, and yes I did resort to a couple of nights if grilled meat, mashed potato and 3 veg- I am one of nine and we seemed to live of this when we were kids. Anyway bought back memories and certainly put my kids catering skills to the test :).

Both events are a reminder of the preciousness of life. Also that you never know what’s around the corner, you really do have to make the most of each day and prioritise what is most important without procrastination.  Or make hay while the sun shines, as they say.


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