Dr Anita Star provides a delicious and healthy fish and chips recipe….Low mercury fish is great for fertility (see fish blog for ideas on good fish choices), and for the developing brains of babies whilst pregnant and in the early years. But so often when Australians think of seafood, they are thinking of a battered deep fried version, which will not be that healthful owing to the high levels of trans and saturated fats that are often in the takeaway venues oil mix, and often there is more white flour than there is fish! Saturated and trans fat, as well too much refined white processed cereals have been found to be a negative for fertility and during pregnancy.

So is a a Healthy Fish and chips – a new take on an old fav.

Bake fish in oven encased in baking paper – with some lemons or lime juice, and citrus slices, a drizzle of olive oil, and some seasoning- pepper and herbs. What do I mean by encase ? Just get baking tray out, get a large peice of baking paper, place fish and other ingredients in the centre, fold in the ends, and fold over the sides, so the fish become wrapped up. Keep the loose seam at the top of the fish so a little steam, but not too much can escape.

Wash potatoes well. Slice into wedges (do not peal as so much of the nutrients are just under the skin). Place on a baking tray, drizzle with olive oil and add seasoning (pepper and herbs) toss and bake. When potatoes are half or mostly done add fish to oven (fish will take less time to cook). Cook until done.

Serve with steamed veg or colourful salad. Enjoy