6 words that describe me, problem solver, thinker, nurturing, kind, strong, brave.

You have probably heard about the body positive movement which I think is awesome. But I think we need to take it to the next level. Ladies let’s get beyond looks, weight and superficialities! What are your best qualities? When did you last compliment another women on something that was not clothing or looks? What compliments do you give / do you hear others give your own children – especially your girls?

When we constantly tell girls they are so beautiful or pretty, they can easily be led to believe that this is the most important thing. But looks come and go, help them see and know beyond this superficiality. Let’s empower our girls to be brilliant, not merely looked at:) and for that matter let’s do that for the adult women in our life as well.

Have a think about your top 6 non visual words to describe you. Post the words and a pic of you, just looking like you, not the glamour, edited, most flattering angle version of you, on whatever social media platform you use. Along with a cut paste of this paragraph and the above two paragraphs. Let’s be brilliant and real together. A message from Dr Anita Star, Pregnancy and Paediatric Dietitian www.drstar.com.au

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