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    PhD, Accredited Practicing Dietitian, Accredited Nutritionist, BHlthSc(Nutrition & Dietetics).
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  • Mother, Infant, Child & Adolescent Nutrition

    Pregnancy Nutrition, Infant feeding and Growth Issues, Gestational Diabetes, Food Allergy & Intolerance, Chronic Constipation, Diarrhea & Gut Pain, Coeliac Disease, Childhood Overweight or Underweight, Eating Disorders in Adolescence, Fertility Nutrition, Fussy Eating, Food Aversions,  Sensory Food Issues, Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies, mothers and family weight management


  • Authors- “Growing Baby Bean: A Complete Guide to Pregnancy Nutrition”

    Recently Published Authors: Dr Anita Star & Leah Vandervliet
    Guidebook & Recipes to Best Nourish your Body & Baby during Pregnancy


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    Evidenced based information online for mums to be; parents; community, and fellow dietitians.


Available Now !

Growing Baby Bean: A Complete Guide to Pregnancy Nutrition.

Dr Anita Star has teamed up with Sydney based nutrition expert Leah Vandervliet to produce this beautifully crafted information and recipe book. Growing Baby Bean has all the answers to all your food and nutrition questions through the pregnancy period. It comes with plenty of recipes and lots of practical meal ideas. It is designed for women who want to provide the best nutrition for their growing baby to optimise their health outcomes and ensure they have the best start to life.
There is an explosion of research available on the effects and benefits of mother’s nutrition on her baby in-utero. In writing Growing Baby Bean we carefully researched all the latest research and medical guidelines on this topic, and made sense of it all for you. You will be soon putting this nutrition advice into practice in your own kitchen, with our delicious, yet simple recipes.

Growing Baby Bean contains over 60 delicious recipes to nourish both you and baby during pregnancy. Plus all the latest dietary advice on:

Pre-conception nutrition
Special Nutrients and Supplementation during Pregnancy
Food Groups for Pregnancy
What Foods to Avoid in Pregnancy
Fish in Pregnancy
Dealing with Pregnancy Symptoms
Weight Management and Body Image in Pregnancy
Probiotics & Gut Health in Pregnancy
Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
Nutrition advice for Multiple Pregnancies
Meal Planning Ideas & Tips

$49.95 BUY NOW!!


Areas of Practice

Is your baby struggling to grow or feed effectively? Do they have food allergies or intolerance? Does your child suffer from chronic diarrhea or constipation?  Coeliac disease and other gut disorders?  Iron or other nutrient deficiencies? Are they underweight or overweight? Or do the have fussy and selective eating?  Renal disease or Type 1 Diabetes? Or do you just need a bit of guidance on introducing solids or making sure they well nourished? These are all concerns that a Paediatric Dietitian like Anita can help with!

Do you need help with your child’s problem with a gut disorder, constipation, diarrhoea, coeliac disease, allergies and intolerances, adolescent eating disorders, child emotional eating, under or overweight, sensory issues with food, ongoing fussy or selective eating, cardiac or renal issue which impacts on nutrition or growth or type 1 diabetes?

Are one or more of your children overweight? Anita takes a family approach and can help with food ideas, appetite management, body image issues, emotional and boredom eating, binge eating disorder and finding your motivation to change as a family. Anita also has an interest in the dietary component to the management of depression which can sometimes play a role in weight issues. Whatever the reasons and complications expect a compassionate caring approach to you or your loved ones weight issue and a focus on nourishment and wellbeing your child.

Do you want to optimise your nutrition for fertility? Do you suffer from PCOS or overweight which is making it difficult to fall pregnant? Do you want to know how to best nourish you and your baby during pregnancy to optimise health outcomes? Have you been diagnosed and need help with gestational diabetes? Do you need help with emotional eating or weight management during pregnancy? Come and see Anita today 🙂 You would also love our book ‘Growing Baby Bean’.

About Anita

Dr Anita Star PhD, BHlthSc (Nutrition & Dietetics), Accredited Practising Dietitian, Accredited Nutritionist

Anita is a leading Paediatric and Women’s Health Nutritionist and Dietitian. In the past, Anita has worked extensively in Public Health Services advising patients, including previous employment as a Senior Dietitian at The Sydney Children’s Hospital, and a range of other hospital and community health environments.  She has also worked the university sector as a Senior Lecturer and a Senior Research Officer teaching nutrition and conducting research. Anita has worked exclusively in private practice since 2014. Over the course of her career Anita has developed expertise in infant feeding and poor growth, under and overweight in children and adults, food allergy and intolerances, fussy and selective eating including sensory issues with food, fertility diet, pregnancy nutrition, gestational diabetes, mental health and disordered eating. Anita completed her PhD research in understanding women’s eating behaviours, body image, body weight, and the impact on mental health. Anita has numerous publications in the academic health literature.
Outside of work Anita lives with her family in the beautiful city of Albury. She is a busy working mum to a very active 4 year old girl and a dedicated Christian. She loves cooking – (check out the recipe idea’s in the recipe section), bush-walking, nature, swimming and spending time with her family.

Individual Consultations with ‘Dr Anita Star – Your Family Dietitian’

Anita usually offers consultations at the rooms of Central Medical Group, 224 Beechworth Rd Wodonga. However during this time of the Covid Pandemic services will be via video conference or phone.

For bookings Ph:0480 291 287 or book online below

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As Anita operates as a private practitioner, she provides an optimal service. Please allow up to 1 hour for initial consultations and up to 30 minutes for a standard review.  45 minute extended review sessions can be arranged.
$140.00 for an initial consultation
$110.00 for an extended review consultation
$95.00 for a standard review session
NDIS Detailed written reports, tube feeding plans, or written food therapy plans will incur an additional fee of $190.00
Patients with private health insurance may be eligible for a partial rebate from their provider.  You should check on your eligibility prior to your session.  Patient’s with a valid Medicare Chronic Disease Management Plan or Eating Disorder Management Plan written up by their GP, may be eligible for a partial rebate from Medicare.  Please note – late cancellations (within 24 hours of appointment) will require payment of full fee – Medicare or private health rebates cannot be applied in this situation. Anita is not a NDIS registered provider, however can see children with self managed NDIS plans and children with Plan Managed NDIS plans, so long as dietetics is covered under their NDIS plan and goals.
Contact Anita via email to find out more E: anita@drstar.com.au

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For bookings Ph: 0480 291 287
or book online

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